Edmund has explained how he would like the House Prefects to work. At the moment, being a Prefect is just a title, but the whole system is still a work in progress. Edmund does have some ideas about some special privileges for these players but has not yet completed the coding for them, so please be patient for those. This is kind of a test run to see how this system works so we can make any necessary adjustments before any substantial benefit is gained.

The following are the
SITE-WIDE Requirements:

1. The player MUST be at least a Fifthyear.

2. Every month, two new Members (one BOY and one GIRL) will be chosen as a Prefect from each House and they will remain a Prefect for the next three months, after which they will be demoted back down to Member. Each month represents one year at Hogwarts. As two new ones come in, two will go out. This will allow us to have 6 Prefects per House at any one given time, on a rotating basis.

3. New Prefects will be appointed every month.

4. It is up to each House as to how they want to appoint their own Prefects under these requirements. If you have a question about how your OWN House chooses your Prefects, please ask your own Head of House. Generic questions about how the basic system works can be answered by any Staffer.


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