Clarification on Content and use of words

Just to clarify what IS and what is NOT allowed as far as content... NO sexual comments and NO innuendo. NONE. Doing either will get you a warning and depending on severity, a mute. No private body part naming. No kicking, pinching, hitting, licking, poking, tapping, touching, or ANY other verb you can think of to said body parts. Balls and nuts have been refiltered. No using these two words or any other regular word in a way that could be deemed inappropriate by staff. Staff STILL has the final say on what is suitable for chat and what is not, so if you are warned, please do not argue in chat. Any other words that have been recently removed from the filtered list WILL go back on if they are abused. Please use common sense. You may petiton if you feel you were wrongly warned.

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