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The Book Of DeathbringerX (He/Him) is a muggle-born wizard living in War Boys cavern. He wields a 14" Ivy, Dragon Heartstring wand, and a member of Slytherin. His his favorite Harry Potter character is That guy right there!.

About Me
Death doesn't remember most of his childhood, from the age of 10 he was raised by a Gang of raiders. He grew a admiration for building things, His war rig being his first real accomplishment. Death has a knack for punishment and pain, he keeps record of every wound and scar and who gave them to him. While he was deep in a ruined temple looking for material to craft with he met his first end to a trap deep in the chambers of the ruins. It was then that he was given a second chance at life as the host of a dark deity that admired his chaotic and cruel look on life. The spirit remain dormant for the most part only exposing himself when Death is on the brink of perishing. Death never saw any interest in learning magic but through alchemy and modification to a sawed off shotgun he was able to create ammunition with elemental properties to help fight against magic users. Death also uses a silver elixir when he finds himself on the losing end to give himself a second wind increasing his strength and speed.

Arch Angel Admrial Of the Sky- Gold Wolf
Favorite Burrito - Jacqui
His Sexy Mad Scientist- PolyJuice
His Lilo- IvyGranger
Is Mari's official punching bag