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Miserable Mythical Avian is a pure-blood witch living in the !#@%$!. She wields a 11¾" Yew, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Slytherin.

About Me

Avian Ashworth-Maximus
----- -- +-------
jayce: her one and only

you will always fall in love
and it will always be like
having your throat cut
just that fast

dubiously maternal figure to: Az, Cerys, and her wild-child, Fran

dark eyes, coy smiles, knowing looks, drumming manicured nails on a desk, heels clicking down an empty hallway, bared necks, biting your bottom lip, head held high, wild hair, false pride, clenched fists, witty one-liners, throwing the first punch, bared teeth, being the last to break eye contact, harsh laughter, hollow threats, bloody lips, bruised knuckles, walking alone in the rain while laughing, thunder and lightning filling the sky, cold water, burning alcohol, half-finished cigarettes, sharp teeth and sharper wit, morbid fascination, calculated looks, playing innocent, curled toes, arched backs, breaking noses, loose teeth, worn out boots, black ink, cursive scrawl, shattered mirrors, bitter winters, broken glass, flirty banter, stinging insults, silk sheets, fogged windows, black coffee, drinking things too strong, holding back a grimace, cocky attitudes, dark lipstick, the engine of a motorcycle coming to life, neon lights, crowded clubs, wanting to be anywhere else, having a reputation for a reason, shoving someone up against the wall and pulling them up by their collar when they get on your nerves, pulling yourself away slowly, playing with someone's tie just to get underneath their skin, calculated risks, doing something stupid just because you can, letting your curiosity go too far, a voice like velvet--soothing and dark, flickering lights, leather jackets, mocking looks, hiked up skirts, making the first move in a chess game, cruel laughter, pounding headaches, checkmate, sore muscles, a cheshire grin