The 12 Days of HLmas Finals

All of the entries we received for the 12 Days of HLmas contest were really good!! We had a lot of fun reading (and singing) all of them ;)

Now it's YOUR turn to vote on your favorite! We have picked our top 4 choices for you to choose from. You may vote more than once (in case you change your mind), but only the last choice will be counted towards the final result.

To save space (and time reading), we're only posting the last verse for each one. We're leaving the names off each entry in the hopes that the votes will be more honest, so we've numbered and named them (in no particular order) with the 12th day item.

You will have until midnight Eastern time December 13 to cast your vote. You can either post it in the comments here or petition it.

Here are the songs!

Choice 1 - Twelve Trollers
On the twelfth day of Christmas the website gave to me,
Twelve trollers trolling,
Eleven year old players,
Ten pregnant yearlings,
Nine goddamn waylays,
Eight evaded bans,
Seven real life dramas,
Six solo roleplays,
Five PvPs,
Four tortured n00bs,
Three new owls,
Two Deathcap Ducks,
And a broken marriage module.

Choice 2 - Twelve Loving Posts
On the twelfth day of HLmas,
my current spouse sent to me
Twelve loving posts,
Eleven pets playing,
Ten uh-oh owls,
Nice Gems a-glintin',
Eight owls o-death,
Seven n00bs complainin',
Six kids a-cryin',
Five contest cards,
Four house keys,
Three flirty smooches,
Two butterbeers,
And a broom in the bestiary!

Choice 3 - Twelve Raunchy Ads
On the twelfth day of HLmas, my barn owl flew to me:
Twelve raunchy ads
Eleven broken chats
Ten filtered judges
Nine hacked marriages
Eight rabid zombies
Seven crashed weddings
Six disowned children
Five forfeit GAMEs
Four sparkly trees
Three reindeer poops
Two yearlings frenching
And a temp mute behalf of Witchy.

Choice 4 - Twelve Free Portkeys
On the Twelfth day of HLmas, my true love gave to me,
Twelve Free port keys,
Eleven yearlings dying,
Ten PVP kills,
Nine Firstie soups,
Eight spammers spamming,
Seven pouncers pouncing,
Six pregnant firsties,
Five Voldemort kills! (Ya, right!)
Four school houses,
Three Sichael apples,
Two Resurrections,
and a large butter beer in Hogsmeeeaaade!


Responses 101 - 116 of 116 to "The 12 Days of HLmas Finals"

AlexDarren • Friday, October 23, 2015 - 1:19am • #1

1 or 4 I don't know why but they're funny to me ;)

HarryPotterRule • Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 4:00pm • #2

I'm gonna go for #1. I was aboout to choose 3.... but nope!

Weaselscreech • Monday, November 9, 2015 - 12:00am • #3

I'm new here and I have no idea what this website is like, or even if it's any different from ""... please help!!! I wanted to play a Harry Potter-based RPG game that was an actual VIDEOGAME, because PotterForums is a text-based RPG. If anyone could give me some advice on this, it would be welcome.

SophiaHarper • Monday, November 9, 2015 - 8:57pm • #4


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