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***Update from Diana***

Hi everyone,
I have some good news for you! Turns out Rosie doesn't have cancer! The reason we found out now was because a new doctor was given charge of her case and analyzed the scans she got completely wrong. She says she still loves emails from you all, and she wants to thank everyone who has emailed her already. :)

Message from DianaTheDaring:

My friend Rosie has cancer. Bone cancer to be exact. She just had her first chemo treatment last week and didn't react to it all that well. [Normal stuff, but a little worse, shes so delicate. :(] Well, she is my best, and only real life friend. She is going to have chemo once a month for 6 or so months, then a surgery to remove the tumor. Rosie should be better in a year at most. When she played here on HL, her name was "HarryPotterLover", though she never talked. She used to come over to my house, she would watch me play sometimes. I just need lots of prayers and support for her.

She also loves getting emails, and since I'm her only real life friend, I'm the only one who visits her, other than family of course. But Annabelle, Leto, and ADS have emailed her a few times already, and she loves it.

Her email is:

She'd love encouraging emails, and she always answers them (when not to weak to type).

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