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I felt that now would be a good time to remind everyone that just because your computer comes with Internet Explorer, doesn't mean that's the best choice for web browsing.

Internet Explorer is not Standards Compliant, and as such has a tendancy to act weird when it encounters different web technologies.

The Live chat on HL is one of them. I am working on a workaround that will allow the live chat to work better in Internet Explorer, but being able to use our live chat is not the only reason you should consider using a better browser.

Consider Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or the brand new Google Chrome, all of which are based on standards compliant technologies and work better not just on HogwartsLive, but on Google, and on various other advanced websites waiting for you to explore them.

I strongly recommend either Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows, and Firefox or Safari on Mac. Firefox has a wealth of extensions available that make the web a better place.

The brand new Google Chrome has a super fast and super secure rendering engine, has advancements that makes Google AJAX Services like GMail work better, and has Google Gears built right in (Gears is available as an Extension on Firefox, and has some significant improvements to JavaScript)

If you spend a lot of your time on Social Networking sites, you may also want to consider Flock, Flock is heavily based on Firefox, with several additions that make it even easier to work with Social Networking Sites, but even with those advancements, it still renders web pages just as well as Firefox.

So if you are still on Internet Explorer, come see the better life on one of the browsers I mentioned above.

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