Fair Warning

Being this is becoming a common trend for players, if you accuse another house/staff of cheating at the House Cup in chat obnoxiously you'll be penalized points. If you think thats happening petition it and other staff will look into it. There should be no doubts about them being looked into either, us HoH's and other Staff wouldn't want our houses to lose because another one cheated.

Having some house rivalry is alright, so is having house pride until it starts causing fights to break out in chat. While having rivalry/pride in chat, please do not try to instigate players from the house you may be saying things about to respond in a rude way that'll start a fight. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about which house is the best and which they don't like. They can say it in chat. If you don't like what they have to say, ignore it, don't attack them for their opinion about that.

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