Clans no more....

Well the results of the poll last week were clear, most people would prefer the house identification and for clubs to be separate.

So all clans have been disbanded, and you are now in a "clan" that matches your hogwarts house. The Guildhalls have been replaced with your Common Room, and the dorms have moved there.

Dorms will get a rewrite in the near future to be house specific, but I can only do so much at once.

A quick note about the upcoming Club system...

Yes, we know that some of you miss the old clans. However, Edmund's idea for the new Clubs will essentially become the old clans. As far as I know (and I may be wrong about this), anyone will be able to make a Club. The only requirement is that you need 3 members to actually be able to access your Club. will able to join MULTIPLE Clubs. So as you can see, the old clan system is not completely phased out. No, it will not be exactly the same as before, but it WILL be VERY similar.

He is still working on the code for the clubs so please be patient until they are added.

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