Contest Winners!

And the results are in for the Halloween Weapons and Armor contest!

1st Place for 100,000 gold!- Sixthyeargirl Roiben for her wonderful Greek Mythology bases Armor and Weapon Set.

2nd Place for 50,000 gold!- OrchidArachnid for her quite original Spider themed sets,

3rd Place for 25,000 gold!-
Rogue for her authentic medieval themed set.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Auror Jodi- 10,000 gold, for her creative Judo concept.

Thirdyeargirl Veia- 10,000 gold for her well written set!

Congratulations to all our winners! If you didn't win, you may still look for your sets to appear in the armor and weapon shops as you advance, alongside all our winning sets! Thank you for participating and good luck to you in future contest!

Contact a Knights of Walpurgis Officer or Leader for Prize Payment.

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