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Maestro TerryCats aka Terremist Katana Night is a 16 year old (DOB: April 1, 2004) part-veela wizard living in Earth Realm (old home:Hyrule). He wields a 14" Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Hufflepuff. His his favorite Harry Potter character is Kevin, the guy in the background nobody talked to.

About Me
TerremistorTerry for short is a Hylian born who grew up in the kingdom of Hyrule. Looking to find adventure and excitement, he left the kingdom. Rumor said that he was looking for the Triforce of Power, But a wicked gerudo theif named Ganondorf fought him and afterwards cast a spell on him, turning him into a half cat person(he grew wings for some reason and ears) and sends him to the earth realm(he was 11 when this happened) weeks and weeks after living on the streets, he got a letter to hogwarts where he found it to be a great adventure for him. Course there were conflicts, but that was just because he was a brat of a kid back then. He grew up and married to a woman named Oxia. He still carries around an ocarina that he made himself. Around when he became wizard he adopted a beautiful child named Melissa and others after her, but Mel was the first to share his blood as well.

golden pelted Cat

Weapon:Black steel sword his brother
Blaze made, Pistol

He carries a shiny black mask with a wave pattern and one eye hole and no mouth hole

My demon:
Deadheart(XXXX if not kept under control)

aspects:cat ears and tail/flame colored wings(given by the queen of summer) and pointed ears where a humans ears would be

Terry is blind in his right eye after being shot, He also has a fake robotic right hand and left leg

Terry is a Brigadier General for the Magical Corps


Maniji Diabol(father)(NPC)(Dead),Ethlexamsel(curren t father)Scarlett(current mother)ArthurBlack(Mother 's husband)

EnigmaX, Goldwolf

My grandpa:

Relationship: Oxia, my love and my life

My brother in-law:

my cute daughters:
Melissa, Bluewing, Paige


Adaline,L unia

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