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Syrinx is a witch living in Hogwarts. She wields a 13" Oak, Demiguise Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and her favorite Harry Potter character is Sirius.

About Me
Syrinx had a difficult upbringing, raised in an orphanage that cared more about money than the children it housed. Pain is no stranger to her, but from the look of her kind face, one would be hard pressed to guess as much. The orphanage closed suspiciously the same year she left, the newspaper unable to publish the horrors held in the privately own institution...she doesn't trust anyone with the details of her past.

The day that her owl arrived with an invitation to Hogwarts was the happiest day Syrinx could remember. She had always felt that she was different, or in some way special. The confirmation of such a dream lifted her spirits. With an extreme drive to be a good witch, she tries hard in her classes, and normally succeeds, enjoying facing challenges.

Syrinx has a
sharp and sarcastic tongue that gets her in trouble constantly, and a charming smile that helps keep her out. She's got a fiery temper, and doesn't usually think before she speaks. Constantly in trouble for something, but rarely ever caring, she sometimes comes off as rude. In reality, she simply does as she pleases, grinning or smirking all the while.

With very little control over her life up to this point, she fights to keep her head above the water, and
stubbornly refuses to back down although logic might advise her to do so. Both a weakness and strength, Syrinx has very little fear. With nothing to lose, what would she fear?

Syrinx's body holds many scars from her rough past, but around her belly button "
JIMMY" was carved when she was a forth year. When it happened, Jimmy also split open his own skin to bleed into the fresh wound... She is, to say the least, very untrusting.

Luckily for her, she met someone who's scars matched her own. Dusk was arrogant, self centered, and infuriated her beyond reason. She found great pleasure in introducing his jaw to her fist. But time reveals all, and sooner rather than later, he became more.