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sweetmalfoy is a 28 year old (DOB: October 15, 1993) half-blood witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and her favorite Harry Potter character is Hermione Granger.

About Me
**Well because I can't choose my wand type, I have a 7 inch Apple Wood wand with a Unicorn Tail core.**

Animagus: Cute little wolf pup. (me!------------------->)

I have a tattoo on my forearm of a husky puppy and an "S" right above my wrist done by my mother.

M om: SoulRiser
Dad: Rawritssteven
Brothers: jefftheyounger, Stratogabo and (RL not HL) TylerCJMalfoy
All Aunts: Cornellia, Watermelon, Regan, Verena, VictoriaPrince, AvrielleRose, EmberWizardly, Caz, and CourtniieDurham, XavieraVeridel, cookiecrumble, Mystik, GoldenRosen, JessieMalfoy
All Uncles: KevinRalkin, Nite, JoelGreen, Sirriuspotter, darkmarkedrob, TwistedYouth, CFalcon, Eric
All Grammas: lunnylovegood, Peevesia, Tpfang, Ardarel, Silverrose, Artrerigreyjoy, Aneverendingcycle, JenniferLupin, Andromeda
All Grampas: Lordgecko, Psikomonkie, HarryGinny, HunterDeathcap, Simpson
All Cousins: AmyPond, JacklynnPark, JoshuaFenrir, MadDog, Drmaeblackwell, Artemys, Avariella, Demipotter, Astoria, Silverpheonix, Missesmage, JakeNolan, CharlieShadows, Von, LordGecko, Firefly, LizziexKitten, DrMaeBlackwell, SophiaAnnabeth,

Member of the Gold House in SilverRose Academy of Magic
Major: Potions
Minor: Care of Magical Creatures