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Death Deity SapphirePhoenix (She/Her) is a witch living in anywhere with water. She wields a 10" Hornbeam, Dragon Heartstring wand, and a member of Slytherin. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and her favorite Harry Potter character is Mcgongall.

About Me
SapphirePhoenix is half mermaid. It's a long story, but her father found a mermaid egg. He took it home. He and my adoptive mother did magical transfusions until I hatched. When, I finally hatched, I looked human but I still retain some mermaid abilities.

I am able to form a mermaid tail for a few hours at a time. I can breathe under water. My most powerful spells involved water.

Of course, I always feel like a fish out of water. There are two things I dislike intensely. These are heights and fire.

Information; about Merpeople (Researched this)

Merpeople are sentient beings that live underwater, and are found all over the world. Their customs and habits are mysterious, and, like the centaurs, they refused being status in favour of beast. Merpeople can breathe above the waves for a time, but it is unclear if they can ever truly leave their habitat.

Merpeople society is based around organised communities, and they have a great love of music. Their language is known as Mermish, and only a few wizards know how to speak it. However, since their language can only be heard properly underwater, it sounds like a loud screeching when spoken above water.

Mermaid types are warm and caring in a passive, receptive way. They are given to daydreaming and to contemplations. Despite this, they have a strong ability for clear, rational thinking that can be startling. They seem to have a deep, intuitive understanding of the oneness of the universe.

They have a desire to help the world at large and are acutely aware of and sensitive to suffering. They customary boundaries between people, other living things, time, space, this world and the Otherworld. They are frequently psychic. They can be brilliantly original and highly creative. They are usually regarded by others as benign eccentrics or as plain weird.

Animagus: Jaguar

Patronous: dolphin

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