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buried under wine gums Dragon (He/Him) is a part-giant wizard living in Underverse. He wields a 13¾" Yew, Runespoor Fang wand, and a member of Ravenclaw. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and his favorite Harry Potter character is S. Black.

About Me
joined first June 2012!

he's always been so alone,
forced to think hell is a place called home
thunder rolled lightning flared
all alone no soul to bare!

he snuck into heaven,
hid there for 30 score year and seven!
then was found, and banished down!
fallen, fell for long he did, unto the ground.

his body broken, soul shattered,
mind totally mashed, but banished as he was, nothing mattered!
slowly so slowly he returned to full hale:
grim of face, dark of hair, flesh so pale.

he began hunting, warring, killing,
revelling in pain, screams, blood spilling!
he set out to forge his own kingdom:
forever trying in vain to retrieve his freedom.

twice the heavens sent angels to try temper his needs,
the first he found but was soon lost, due to her lustful greed!
the second was once one of heavens favoured angels,
before too long though she darkened, and he dammed her with exquisite strangles!

now his lordship won,
through war and trials, yet nothing left undone!
he still seeks more, unknowing what he so long has sort,
but this I swear, never seek my heart, it will happen naught!!!

apt quotes;
"Some thing in his presents made you feel cold danger, brutal power, but a power controlled by intelligence, but not a human intelligence, nothing like a human because he had no soul.
this strange presents was nothing like you'd ever imagined and you felt a profound admiration and pity for the lonely creature."

special accomplishments;
all time high score in the wizard card contest with 2229 cards!
on 13 augast 2013.

Defeated darthsidious in ministry of magic battle arena my VE count 482, his 753!
On December 3rd 2014!

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