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RED aka The Kool-Aid Man’s Dad is a 24 year old (DOB: October 16, 1998) half-blood wizard living in In your closet.. He wields a 14¾" Ash, Hippogriff Talon wand, and is a member of Slytherin. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and his .

About Me

I am a color.
But then again, I like wearing black sometimes.
We all break the rules eventually.

Redius T. Black is the last of three forms known as a divine; a chosen species of humans with three lives, each given specific supernatural powers for each life to use at their own expense.

Red is a young man who attended Hogwarts as a part-time foreign exchange student from America, meeting many friends along the way as he tried his best to fit in without giving out his true identity. Eventually graduating at the top of his class, he used his education to surprisingly become a Death Eater, wanting to use the cult to further his experience with dark arts in ways he couldn't at school. Using what he learned in the guild, he decided to turn against his dark wizard allies to put an end to Voldemort's reign of terror once and for all; being one of the few wizards to survive the battle of Hogwarts.

He is known to be very friendly to others until threatened. He also is determined to protect the ones he cares about to the highest of standards, willingly ready to set his last life on the line if need be.

OOC Family:
Formerly known as Talon
Mother: CourtniieDurham
Son: Watermelon
Daughters: Mariana, AnnaQuinn, SkyeDawson
Grandfather: Jaymes
Grandmother: FayDurham
Sisters: Rose, Kari, Jez, Seven, Leanan, Miska
Brothers: Strikeblood, Moose, Jasper
Aunts: Jemmy, Xavi, Caz, Poppit

Second Place: SlytherinGirl

The Homie: Boomer

O G's: Heejin, FreyaGreyback, SpinalRemains, Wolfenstein, CoolClawz, Eru, WillTreaty, Souleh, Dawn

Married to The One & Only Katsumi

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