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Goddess PurpleAngel aka Angel Vyolet Blythe-Deramisa (She/Her) is a pure-blood witch living in The Forbidden Forest. She wields a 10¾" Hazel, Unicorn Hair wand, and a member of Ravenclaw. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and her favorite Harry Potter character is Luna, Tonks, and Harry.

About Me
Meet Angel: an entirely unlikely hero in her own story, right down to the tiny profile and the bad habit of finding trouble.

"They say that things once lost can be found again someday."

The voices had started out as nothing more than small bouts of chatter, an almost pleasant addition to the mind of a girl who rarely sat still enough and long enough for silence to begin its teachings. Then, they weren't so peaceful anymore. The conversational tones turned to screaming and demands, festering into a full-blown plague that afflicted no one but Angel. They enslaved her without an ounce of effort; it created a domino effect. The woman, who was in the blissful stage of her life- knowing profound love, friendship, children, and was one who had found happiness in the simple life of a Healer and a resident of the Inn- was lost.

Long ago, she marched off into the mists of the Forbidden Forest, unseen and unheard. She was thought to be dead.

Until she returned.

Blank and strewn with dirt, the new Angel's mind was something of a shattered piece of marble- remembering, but not why. Functioning, but not normally. The world had kept turning and pushed her back into reality, no questions asked.

Still possessing the traits that were rightfully hers- her hatred of shoes, her grey eyes, purple hair and peculiarly pointed ears, her near obsession with bracelets that made music, umbrellas and wrinkled maps, Angel now wanders, both in this world and the next, searching for answers and perhaps even traces of the ones that she used to call her dearest friends.

And now, the lovies go to:
Todd-Muffin, Maggie/Addielight, Flaim, Xan, Lori, Netti, Pia, Kairi, Marti and Fae and Mel (the lovely children from previous marriages), Ted the Boot, Blythe and Alivia (the very amazing current children) and the best mother in the history of the world, GinnyMalfoy.

Zell is my one true love- the sun to my stars and moon to my clouds.

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