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Micale (She/Her) is a witch. She wields a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her her favorite Harry Potter character is Snape, Draco, Harry, Th Weasley twins,Dumbldor..

About Me
I am happly Married to harryPotter and have 8 great kids. LordDarke,MattGreen,modernstar, LupinDance,HermioneLilyWeasly, ElizabethWalker, dracoginny, gertrude. I have a wonderful mom neatniece and to great siters Emma andKalli. I also havetwo great brothers War and Zack. I have a great family who I love varry much a handful of great neices and nephews and I am a proud grandmother. I am Evil an love it.I am a. I love to pvp so bewair. Oh and I am a proud wairWolf and so are most of my kids so watch out.

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