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AllThatHeWants Mariana aka Mariana Black (She/Her) is a 35 year old (DOB: March 27, 1989) pure-blood witch living in everywhere. She wields a 12¾" Pink Ivory, Thestral Hair wand, and a member of Slytherin. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and her .

About Me
Married my best friend Reg on 05/23/2016
Sometimes he gets jealous and ends up hurting or killing people because of it. He also has a strange hatred for milkshakes. But, I love my jealous husband.
God DeathbringerX says, "Mari is like a mixture of a siren and a cobra, she will charm you and once your defenses are down she strikes..."
A Little Grassy Field Fun
RABsRide&DieChix; mariana puts on the french maid costume, waves her wand and makes the mess disappear, smooches the next poster, and leaves them a bottle with a mystery potion in it.
The Unspeakable RegulusABlack eyes almost pop out of his head before swooning. " That's what I'm talking about.' Scoops her up and takes her to the castle leaving the mystery potion behind

Permanent ink on right arm that reads :
Return To R.A.B.

"Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses."

Very long nickname-GRY> Haz No Frenz Sad Gary says, "Green Pepper Lady That Isn’t Really A Tomato Although Her Name Kinda Sounds Like Marinara"
Mother- Poly
Unoffical Daughter-Sherry
My Partner In Crime- XavieraVeridel.
Personal Annoyance- Kilian
Personal Punching Bag- DBX
Awesome Twin- Ivy
My In Chat Wife (When Reg Isn't Around) -Lina
Not So Secret Lovers- Poly & Xavi
Best MIA Friend- Apollo;
My Fruity Pet- Watermelon
I have many people that have the honor of calling my friends, who deal with me despite my lack of filter and craziness: Asmo,Gary,Ajax,Von,dbx, Xandy,PamBrasiliera, Icee, Ember, Ares, Kilian,Jimmy, Kahlan,LG, Silo, Simkin,Sky,Xavi,Watermelon,Lina, Poly, AP`