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Malorie is a pure-blood witch living in Hogwarts Girls' Dorm. She wields a 10" Cherry, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and her favorite Harry Potter character is the Weasely Twins.

About Me
Name: Malorie Sophia (Born Malorie Macha)
Age: 11
Year: First (despite what the lying titles may tell you)

Malorie was born to a rather exceptional household. Both her mother and father were rather exceptional wizards, known quite well throughout the land.

Unfortunately, no kind deed brought them this

Towards the end of their careers, some say something got a hold of the couple, and they began indiscriminately attacking and torturing innocents--even some muggles. Malorie was whisked away from them, and the mother was killed while the father was locked in Azkaban.

In order to free her from any
discrimination that might come upon her due to her family, she was renamed and told to lie and say she was muggle-born. She feels deep pain for her parents--for their sudden and violent change and their absence in her life--but she's since learned to deal with it, and has moved on to focus on her studies in Hogwarts, hopefully to one day redeem her family's name. Although she's a rather small and frail little girl, she's well on her way to making a name for herself.

Malorie is a rather prideful little girl, oftentimes boastfully carrying on about some accomplishment or prize she's acquired for some time before realizing her arrogance. Adding to it, she's a talented young lady, giving her plenty of opportunities to make this careless social mistake.

cares deeply for her friends, knowing that they're far more important than any material thing she could ever own. She's very studious and is prone to depression when getting anything less than a perfect mark.

Archimedes the Eagle Owl
Ardore the Phoenix
Best Friends: Emilyxx, WizardCara
Enemies: Ashika, ZackBryant

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