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Corrosive Lydia aka Lydia Callahan is a pure-blood witch. She is a member of Hufflepuff.

About Me

Lydia Callahan




"Knowledge is Power."



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Pureblood || Slytherin

Power. The only thing on Lydia Callahan's mind, even as a child. Power. The freedom to do as she wanted, to control the actions of others.

Hogwarts. Growing up, spending her days studying in the library, knowing that knowledge did equal power. First Slytherin Prefect, then Head Girl. Who could stop her?

Ministry of Magic. Her first plan was to use her parents to get her into the Ministry, and then make her way up to Minister of Magic. She would make sure to give the position more power, to give the people what she wanted. But then...

Daltron. A kingdom she had heard about since a child, where the boy prince Hex Bergott resides with his family. When Hex journeys to London with his brother to dwell until the crown could be regained from a nasty dictator reign, Lydia develops a new plan. Befriend Hex, help Hex to succeed, then marry Hex, steal the crown.


"Long Live the Queen of Daltron..."