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Seerandmystic LilyMoonBlossom aka Lily Moon Blossom is a pure-blood witch living in Ottery # 7 Lovell Lane, Highlands borne. She wields a 13¾" Rosewood, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of Gryffindor. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and her favorite Harry Potter character is Severus Snape.

About Me
Immersive Roleplayer - current RP age- 17 3/4 May birthday - Please read RP conditions-No gaslighting please! Please announce dual character if we are to engage in longer term rp.

Grimbold. A cat with a mind of his own. Bonded Familiar
Gifted Wand "Heart Wood"~ Rosewood is warming, improves circulation, protects one from negative energy. Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood, compassionate & soft healing energy. Accentuates innate qualities of love.~~~ Robes of Discernment, increases wisdom.~~~
Mother-artisan, vocalist, NYC. Her father travels with her mother. She lives with her aunts & grandmother Clara, during holidays. Family, in Ottery, Inverness, Glastonbury and New York, small phoenix, tattoo, and unicorn. Ministry worker/Atrium (or so one thinks) Her job certainly is a Mystery:)

Spiritual for a witch, has a penchant for spells based in protection & light.
She is head strong & determined, she has grit. "Never Give Up"

She has honey blonde hair, that falls down below her waist. She loves nature & often moves between tomboy and girly girly. She is now 17 and half years of age. Her last year at Hogwart's was beset with grief and she finds herself in a year of mourning, but there is time to move on.

Family name father -Moon blossom, blossoming-fragrant, open only at night.
Family name mother- Lovell - Wolffe

(The writer, RL female/teacher adult) I enjoy Hogwarts as a way to find joy in my day, & to create a character that I truly can believe in) Happy Roleplaying:)

Grimbold is based off of my favorite book as a child called: Grimbold's Other World ~ by Nicholas Stuart Gray ~ a Synopsis
Some time back, wicked machinations in the world of night resulted in the prince and heir-apparent being abandoned in our world. A simple boy- except that he has the power to talk to animals. A friendship with Grimbold, a black cat who seems to walk between worlds. Cats are the only creatures, apart from poets, who can slip between the mundane and magical realms.

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