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Goddess KesslerGreen (She/Her) is a 123 year old (DOB: October 15, 1900) pure-blood witch. She wields a 14¾" Willow, Kelpie Hair wand, and a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and her favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange.

About Me
Kessler Elisabea Green, formerly of - well, somewhere she's not probably going to say, and family of none (until Penthesilea came and decided to show her face to this pocket of the world Kess has been hiding in) is a relic of days gone by but still keeps her youthful face, fierce attitude, and propensity to laugh in the face of anything.

If you'll be my star,
I'll be your sky
You can hide underneath me
and come out at night
When I turn jet black
and you show off your light
I live to let you shine

You can sky rocket away from me
And never come back if you
find another galaxy
Far from here,
with more room to fly
Just leave me your
to remember you by...

In her possession from other people:
One large vial of Dakota's blood, courtesy of HannahMalfoy.
One large diamond, tainted with poison and wrapped in a velvet bag from an ex-paramour
One engagement ring, from an ex-fiance
Two Snuggies, one blue and one cheetah-print, from old friends.
One orange orange-shaped eraser, from Evieline
A large bag of cookies, for others
A catapult made out of a bra, made for a friend
More, unrecalled and unfound in her multitude of infinity pockets.

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