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KaylilaBelle aka Emerald Stone is a half-blood witch living in her brain. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Tell you what. Give me muffins. I love Gnomes. I'm insane. I pop up out of nowhere. CUTIE, I am Alice! Vorpal blade - I have/is mine. This is Random. I BOGU You.

Mum: Goddess Bellalestrange
Dad: Kitasha
Aunt: MayikuaDespair
Mummeh: CourtniieDurham
brother: Justinroots
Sisters: need to get a list.
Grandpa: Jaymes
Aunt: Peevesia

Patronus: Coyote
Animagus: Doe
Subjects liked/disliked: DADA, Transfiguration, Charms, dueling (if that is ever a subject) /Herbology, Potions
Special Abilities: Parseltongue, Legillimens (both for RP.)
Profession: Is currently studying healing with SilverRose and Peevesia.
Appearance: Has dark, black eyes , slightly wavy black hair which when shined on by the sun, is dark brown. Tanned, and usually wears a black cloak over her jeans and top. Always carries a black book, hidden behind her cloak and hidden lollipops.
Wand: 10 3/4 inches, Cherry, Fairy Hair. Springy and has a bent shaft. Courtesies to Silverrose for the wand.

The ancestry of the Stone family is quite unknown. Mainly doing researches for her first years in Hogwarts - she discovered that she has a long, lost sister, Cutie. She is very apathetic and shows little to no emotion, though is actually rather perceptive and known for her deadpan humor. Her calm if not laid-back personality starkly opposes her feisty attitude. She may sometimes chew on a lollipop out of the blue and resorts to silent atmospheres. Though she is friendly and serene at times - there will be some instances where you could feel some dark aura surround her.

"Neither dies when one is sought;
For they are the cursed twins.
Mysterious, unknown, and unpredictable;
Only when in a full moon - vulnerability strikes.
A ceremony has to be done;
materials are to be found.
That of a Ruby and that of an Emerald;
clashed together at moonlight.
Kill one - both soul stays
Kill both - and your soul might be theirs."

She may randomly shove lollipops into people's mouth.

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