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VampireQueen JemCalanon aka Jem Durham-Roku-Calanon (He/Him) is a pure-blood wizard living in anywhere as long as she is with her family.. He wields a 11" Purpleheart, Veela Hair wand, and a member of Slytherin. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and his favorite Harry Potter character is Cedric Diggory and the Weasley twins.

About Me
Jem didnt know her full background, even after her Hogwarts letter arrived. She assumed she was just a witch. It wasnt until she was 16 that she heard whispers about her powers, how she was different. Hitting 17, her canines started to hurt a lot, frequently. Finding others with the same problem after she left school, she found out she was a Lamia, a born vampire; different to turned vampires, with the ability to give birth. Only a few months later, she was bitten by another of her kind, heightening her powers.
Her attitude almost got her killed by an assassin sent after her, who she fell in love with and soon became her husband.
Using wandless magic, Jem can read thoughts and mainly relies on her Elementalist powers of fire and water as well as her wolf form for major fights. Even though she is a vampire, she tries not to feed from humans, relying mainly on blood bags and animals. She has recently been trained by her husband and is now one of the highest trained Assassins around.

SIL - LeaWeasley (copyrighted Feb 2012)
Bestie Thing/Popcorn maker : Strikeblood

Hit 200VE's on 14.01.12

I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Choose wisely!!
"I love my family lots - hurt them and i will hurt you!"

(IC)Wedding anniversary Creven: September 2nd 2012
Humanity turned off: 23/12/2013
People killed in that time so far (up to 30/12/2013) 347
Feelings felt: 0
Humanity turned back on: 14/01/2014
Emotion changes: 15
Feelings felt: too many to count


Kids: Loriel, Adeline, Ophelia *if i have missed you off, owl me.*

Sovereign PiperRoku says, "Can I get you anything, Jem? Tea? Coffee? Cyanide pill perhaps?" IC Family Tree!!

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