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Hurricane Holly aka Holly Niamh-Rose Petra is a witch. She is a member of Gryffindor.

About Me
Once a lonely, lost child, Holly was found. Found by her mother at age eleven. Brought into a loving family. She seemed like the perfect child. Loyal, devoted, and above all, kind and loving.

Until everything changed.

Holly's mother disappeared for work. Holly blamed one person. He'd stolen her childhood, her mother, and her innocence. She was set on killing him. And she did. But there was a price to pay for her actions, and now she must learn to tame the beast inside her.

Adopted Family:

Mother: ShadowLefaire
Brother: Nathan
Sister (by choice): Art
Aunts: Memory, Emmi, Sara
Uncle: Will
Grandparents: Sherry and Amaranth