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hermioniefan aka Josh (He/Him) is a muggle-born wizard. He wields a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
All you need to know about me is that i have a scar over my eye. I do drama and romance RPs. My hair is dark brown with natural blond streaks. My eyes are a deep crimson. And my skin has a dark tan. I am more of a solitary person(no not the game) I stick to myself and have learned to help myself. When I was young my parents tortured me. Yes I went to the police but my parents denied everything. Since then I've learned that the only person that can actually help you is yourself. I hate hurting people although sometimes you either hurt them or lie to them. Unfortunatly I suck at making decisions.

A small song i wrote...
Your broken heart like broken glass. The one you dropped when i said it was done. I said i was done. I said my love was done. And i left you there to rot, without a second thought. I went to find a new one... Only to do the same. I wondered why I even bothered. My story was too well known. I wondered if I would fix it, if i would come to my senses. My only thought was:' Maybe she wold like me'. I turned around to ask her. Only to find that it was you... I never cared about the person. Only if they were alone. I wondered if I would ever fix it. If i would ever be happy... again. I wondered why I even tried.'

Thats my song and my story.
GF:Hopefully Aphrodite
Momma: Amypond

Other Momma: Jacklynnpark

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