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I am HallyPotter aka Ms. Hally Potter (She/Her) is a witch living in an unknown place to most sensible people. She wields a 14" Ash, Phoenix Feather wand, and a member of Gryffindor.

About Me
Dear Reader,

Hello there. You are undoubtedly the first person to read this letter in a million years.

The things written in this letter might not be rightfully addressed to you, but please bear with it, as I am hoping that the people who do need to read this might see it. I advise you to throw this away in the nearest dustbin, where my good friend will hopefully find it.

To the people who think that I am an evil and manipulative person, please remember that I am who I am, and that all disguises I may have used against you are just for fun.

To the people who have given the special piece of their heart that I once held to someone else, I express my deepest gratitude for having held that piece in the first place, even though I am deemed unworthy to hold it now.

To the people who hate me, please leave me in peace.

And to you, dear reader, I thank you for bearing to read this letter, and I truly hope that you find something else worthwhile.

I am just a broken person who has stopped searching for someone who understands her loneliness and depression. Even though these very people have forced me to live somewhere secluded, where my only friends are my typewriter and the rushing sound of the sea, I would still like to leave them a piece of myself.

Obviously, I am the last person on earth that you would write a letter to, as you would have to endure several moments of tantrums, tears, and silence. But if you are the brave person that I hopefully know fully well, please come armed. I advise you to direct your messenger into a damp cave with poisonous mushrooms growing out of the soil and popping back in when they feel like it, as there are very few caves like this, and they would surely find me sooner or later.

Thank you again.

(This letter was written when time ended and life began.)


Hally Potter

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