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Supreme God ElijahAlrest is a pure-blood wizard living in Knockturn. He wields a 13¼" Yew, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
13 1/4"||Wood: Yew|| Dragon Core

The Alrest family was a long line of pure-blood Death Eaters who served the Dark Lord. His parents had disgraced Him, made a mockery of the family name and Death Eaters alike. The Dark Lord had the entire family killed but some how, the little boy managed to escape. As the last of his blood-line, 5 year old Elijah suffered through years of torment and resentment. Death Eaters wouldn't take him in because of his name nor would the Order. For 6 long years, Elijah slept under benches in the park of a muggle zoo, awaiting his letter.
At 11, Elijah had finally received his letter to attend Hogwarts. When the Sorting Hat sorted him, he was shocked. His entire family had been in Slytherin; he even spoke parseltongue. And yet, the Hat placed him in Ravenclaw. Full of shame, Elijah isolated himself from the world.
Elijah went through his years silently, hoping someone would eventually adopt the poor boy. But years p!#@ed and time went on. As more and more students found families, he still had none.
By his final year, he snapped. No one wanted him and he knew it. Elijah grew dark. Left only with anger, Elijah started torturing younger students.
One day, Maddiee found him and recognized him as the final Alrest. Though she could have reported him to the Dark Lord, she sparred him, offering him a spot in her academy where he could regain his family honor. Elijah accepted and graduated, serving in her army.
His ex-fiancee Arabella was his life until she disappeared. Eruanna has been his rock since.

Elijah was adopted as a grown @%$ adult by Fenrir and Verena against Eru's wishes :)

Death Eater, skilled in all areas of fighting, including Legilimency and Occlumency
Is in a constant struggle with his mind (The Darkness)

Engaged to Eruanna Melanore and married hours later 23 September 2018

Age: 27
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Body Type: Muscular 5' 11"

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