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Spring Flower Einah aka Stephanie Rose is a 28 year old (DOB: September 20, 1992) half-blood witch living in Camp Half-Blood. She wields a 10¾" Rowan, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and her favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood.

About Me
I've gone by many names in my lifetime, one of the most famous being Helena Ravenclaw. One of the best kept secrets that didn't make it into "Hogwarts; a History" was that my mother was indeed Rowena Ravenclaw, but my father was Salazar Slytherin; the same goes for my twin sister, SilverRose.

I am half fae. Fae are a magical race of beings, similar to Tinkerbell but human-sized. Whilst I grew up with my mother at Hogwarts, SilverRose was raised in the Fae Realm.

I was sorted into Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, as I have a hunger for any kind of knowledge. Some say I am rather competitive. I am now a ghost, and also a member of the Lupine Moon coven, who worship the Goddess of the Moon, Artemis (GiselleGaunt).

My timeline:
6/2/12 - Rejoined AGAIN.
7/2/12 - Became a member of Scales and Tails
10/2/12 - Adopted by DonovanReno
11/2/12 - Graduated from Hogwarts
21/2/12 - Reached next goal (BattleMagi)
27/2/12 - Reached GODDESS!!
21/6/12 - Joined the Lupine Moon coven
26/6/12 - Reached SUPREME GODDESS!!
8/5/15 - Returned from hiatus
16/8/18 - Decided I can't be bothered keeping track of stuff any more. There was another 3 year hiatus in there somewhere