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ed250a4aec0d16f aka Justin Sam Volkov is a pure-blood wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

"Do you realize what kind of danger lurks at night in these parts? Well, I'll tell you this, my tale, my story."
MISSING: (Case File 30983) Justin Sam Volkov, age 12
Justin Sam Volkov, a potions prodigy, an artist of every style. Armed with a wand, bow and arrow, poisons, and the pride he has in himself, he is either vulnerable and sensitive or your worst nightmare. Justin takes on the appearance of a tall and slim young man with furiously pale skin, long white blonde hair, and impossible cerulean orbs. He had a winning smile of perfect teeth, matching his heroism in Slytherin Quidditch. His perfection lead him straight to the top. Then, of course, there is even more behind it.
His father didn't understand, neither did his mother. Since he was young, he claimed to see things, hallucinate.
As he aged, those little butterflies and flowers that stood where one had died became people. He had spoken with them, apparently. He'd been placed under research, but the medics found nothing wrong with him, so they sent him away, back to his parents, where he continued to keep his head in the clouds.
The star had caught the attention of Death Eaters. He befriended one, a woman. She was to warn him. She treated him like a son. For eight long years, he'd been between two highly ranked villain houses, subjected to both torture and praising, hidden from society, unable to leave except school. The Artist had returned to the world, what happens next?
[Wand from SilverRose: hornbeam, unicorn hair, 10 3/4th inch.]
[Father of five beautiful children: ScarletRose, LadyMara, Irma, Maxxie, Jinora]
Hikago's Little Devil ♥
[Occupation: Potions Master, Doctor]
[Possessions: Necklace, Lupine Moon Coven Pack Ring, katanas.]

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