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God DarkenedFlames aka james 'jack' flames (He/Him) is a 26 year old (DOB: February 2, 1997) muggle-born wizard. He wields a 10½" Yew, Unicorn Hair wand, and a member of Slytherin. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and his favorite Harry Potter character is Pac-Man.

About Me
a far off memory like a scattered dream...a scattered dream like a far off will never take over our hearts is proud to be part of the pokemon nerd club! turned a werewolf by ELFEH on the 29/9/10.

Bah.The titles of all my friends when i could bebothered to note them.

Elitist Aneverendingcycle
The Unspeakable AngelDarkScarlet
Duchess AnnaStorm ]
Ultimate Goddess ArtreriGreyjoy
LichKing austinboy
Ranger coolclawz
MageQueen Daffodil
Witch EbilMinion
Naughty Prefect EmberWizardly
Maestro Fundun
Fourthyeargirl GinnyMalfoy
Wizard Growlithe
Supreme Goddess Hera
Queen HermioneLilyWeasley
Gladiatrix Ismene
Supreme God JakeSkellington
MageKing Javeon
God Joeypotter
Beastmistress Kendaleigha
Goddess Keypachi
Supreme Goddess Kitasha
Supreme Goddess KyraSkyy
Witch LizzyBennet
Lady MarishkaBlack
Firstyearboy marsman
Secondyeargirl MissMadamEpic
Mage neos
Centurioness owlgirl
Goddess pandabear
Overlord potterwiz
Goddess SapphirePhoenix
Centurion ShadowSheep
Maestro ShinigamiReimei
The Unspeakable SilverRose
Goddess SorceressNicci
Mayor spartacus
Fourthyeargirl Staar
Baroness Sylar
Barbarian Tawny
God Tensai
Ultimate Goddess Tpfang
Witch vampiressbaby
Gladiatrix Verena
Centurion werewolfelf
Goddess WrittenRiot
Mayor ZacharyHall

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