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Forever Linas Chase (He/Him) is a half-blood wizard living in Grimmauld Place (The Order of the Phoenix). He wields a 10¼" Tulipwood, Phoenix Feather wand, and a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
S was born in Upper Flagley and lived there until the age of ten. His parents were both killed shortly before S was due to start at Hogwarts in a tragic accident involving the unruly Devil's Snare. His mother had been experimenting with it in their basement when, careless, it proceeded to strangle her. His father, muggle-born and having not been informed of the danger, attempted to pry it loose only to be caught up in the plant himself.
S enjoyed his time at Hogwarts but turned out not to be a very good student. He was bright enough at what he did; trouble was, the magic he performed was usually not part of the standard curriculum. One thing he was very good at though was Quidditch; he played Chaser for Ravenclaw for six out of his seven years at school, and was captain for the last three.
When he finished school, he lived in Hogsmeade and worked as an assistant at Honeydukes for a short time, while playing local Quidich in the area. During this time, he continued to work on his magic, being tought to duel by an auror friend and beginning to experiment as his mother had.
A year later, after being scouted by several British quidich teams, he was drafted to play with the Holyhead Harpies. He was a breakout player in his first season, and became their captain in his fourth. But his career was short; after receiving a serious bludger injury, which he made a full recovery from, he decided that sport wasn't worth dying for, and retired from the game in his early 20s.
He moved away from Hogsmeade and decided to live in Grimmauld Place, devoting his time to the Order of the Phoenix and continuing his experiments. When he was out and about, he carried his wand in a custom-made hip sheath on his right hip, and despite no longer playing professional Quidich, he always kept his broomstick strapped to his back. During his services to the Order, he acquired a pet phoenix which he named Charity.

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