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Shinyamp; CharlieShadows aka Charlie (He/Him) is a 32 year old (DOB: December 24, 1991) half-blood wizard living in the Lady Merciful. He wields a 13¾" Maple, Phoenix Feather wand, and a member of Slytherin. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and his .

About Me
Moms- Verena and Blaster
Daughters-Daughters-Malorie,WizardCara, scarlettfox, CoralynBlair
Sisters- Amypond + Demipotter + Astoria + Silverpheonix + Missesmage
Aunts and Uncles- Roku + Avian + Spartacus
Grandparents- JenniferLupin and HarryGinny.
Great Grandparents-Ardarel + Artrerigreyjoy + Aneverendingcycle + Psikomonkie.
Great Aunts-VictoriaPrince + AvrielleRose

Cenedra, Margaret, Snitch, Wolf, and everyone that played Quidditch.. You guys are awesome. I love you all, and I hope we can get together some time and play again :)

I had a legitimate bio here at one point or another. I've been gone for a long time, and I don't remember much, or many people. I'd like to get back into the swing of things, but I haven't had many opportunities.

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