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Demigoddess CecileGraham is a pure-blood witch living in Right here. She wields a 16" Cherry, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of Slytherin. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and her favorite Harry Potter character is Evil-Bellatrix and Good-Sirius and Luna.

About Me
She is protected by hit wizards as are her entire family. She is quiet, observant, and a rebel. Her mother graduated from Beauxbatons. Her father graduated from Hogwarts. Cecile is an only child. Her father was strict; whereas, her mother was very much involved in her own little world. Think social climbing self-involved rich woman. Her father was always finding excuses to punish her when there were none. He is very powerful and well connected. Her mother was either planning a party, preparing a party, or having these functions in luxurious locales. They should not have been parents.

She is married to Marco Lecoreneo. She was in a Marriage Contract with Michael Lecoreneo, but he cheated on her. It was voided when he decided to have a relationship with another girl, then lied about it for months. Per a clause in the contract dealing with revenge, she had a baby with Marco Lecoreneo, Michael's brother. Their daughter's name is Bambi Donatella Lecoreneo. She died before being born. Michael killed her. Cecile is with Marco's baby again. Marco and Cecile have loved one another since they were very young.

*Cecile, just like the lady portraying her, will not put up with anyone telling her how to roleplay her characters. If you do not like evil or Death Eaters, too bad. They do exist in the Harry Potter World. Nobody knows my characters better than I do, so keep your speculations to yourself. Especially those of you, who never roleplay, but are cretins for typing your untalented opinions. I never change or rearrange for anybody.