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BrynnVictoria is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
You walk into the library and see a red-haired girl; bent over a book, sitting in a beanbag. She glances up at you, and you catch a glimpse of brilliant blue eyes and a slight smile. Though she looks back down quickly, you don't miss the look of happiness that she has, just because she is surrounded by all these books.

Something about her intrigues you, and you decide to hang out a while. As she reads, every emotion that she feels flashes across her face. As a tear rolls down her face for an unknown reason, she tucks her book into a satchel, puts the strap over her shoulder, and exists the library. You trail her casually, hoping that she doesn't notice you. She stops beside an old oak, leans against it, and takes a big bite out of an apple she seems to have pulled out of her bag.

Without looking at you, she speaks. "Why are you following me? I don't have anything you'd want to steal, and if I did, you wouldn't be able to."

You look at her speechlessly, and she turns to meet your eye. In it, you see a hard gleam. Something in your opinion shifts for her, as you realize that she isn't quite the girl that everyone thinks she is. Uneasily, you wonder if her outside shell has been carefully constructed to hide the person inside.

Finally you say, "No, I was just curious about you."

After a careful look at you, she simply nods. "My name is Brynn-Victoria. What's yours?"

And just like that, she has given you an opening to be her friend; I'll tell you now, you should test out this new girl. After you've talked to her, though you still won't have seen the true Brynn, you will either admire her, want to be friends with her, not be able to stand her, or all three. But regardless, you'll have given her a chance, just as she would give you if your places were switched.