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6c659a53325a377 (He/Him) is a wizard. He wields a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
A formal young man, Tim wishes only to make others happy. He is patient, though rather shy and quiet. He is one with 'a short fuse'; he won't get mad at you right away, but if something is consistently happening and he loses it, he is one to be reckoned with. Soon after he first joined, as a whiny young thing, he met his Mistress, his teacher, Mistress BellaLestrange. Not long after that, he was adopted by his mother, Evieline (12/22/10). Though he has not met any of the rest of his family, he looks forward to doing so. The next day, he met a wonderful young lady by the name of RoseRed. Though he hasn't yet checked with her, he's pretty sure she's his girlfriend, and is also pretty sure that he loves her. Though he has only been a member for a couple days, he has already made lots of new friends, and hopes to make more. He knows for a fact that Mr. Werewolfelf makes the best brownies a person can consume, and that Mr. Simkin has a thing for clean shoes and photographs. Mr. Tensai is a tease, while Ms. Inoue is very sweet. All in all, he can't wait to meet everyone on HogwartsLive, and would appreciate anyone and everyone introducing themselves to him. Have a nice day :)