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5f20f68480f0072 aka Calum (He/Him) is a 31 year old (DOB: October 24, 1992) pure-blood wizard living in Manchester, England. He wields a 13½" Yew, Phoenix Feather wand, and a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and his favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood!.

About Me
I miss the old days. When even the bad times weren't nearly as bad as the bad times we have now. When i had a family. When i had friends that were on almost every night, and we met up in Diagon Alley and just spoke about mindless, random garbage. I miss those days. I wish those days would come back, but they wont.

I miss being told off by two girls every time i did something stupid, they were a big part of my first few weeks here, and when i made friends with them everything in my normal life was taking a turn for the worse, and this was my little escape. And now what is this? Everyone that i've ever known is gone, or keeps to themselves.

I miss seeing first years make friends with one another and knowing that the bond that they have all just made is going to last a while reminds me of what we all used to have here.

I miss the arrogant Supreme Gods, who were basically the !#@%s of Hogwarts Live. The girls loved them, we guys were just jealous of them, and we were way to lazy to even attempt to VE that many times. And what's left to do now? VE that many times. Seeing the title Supreme God in this game now makes me think if they have anything left to do anymore. The ones i see in chat now just attempt to join in. They don't really care.

I miss Verena smacking me every night.
I miss werewolfelf's marriages.
I miss Lizzy just going into public chat and just being happy.
I miss AnnaStorm and Potterwiz breaking up and getting back together over and over again.
I miss everyone hating Pippy.
I miss having only one person with terrible grammar.
I miss not logging in to 9 OWL's, each one telling you that you've been killed.
I miss being able to login, posting in chat, and everyone saying your name.
I miss JayWalker sending me OWL's every time i went AWOL and telling me about her life down south.
I miss OwlGirl and Redmess.
I miss DianaTheDaring just being herself.