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2bb4b0b1ccdb6ce aka Thalia Grace Wood is a half-blood witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Thalia was happy to be adopted May 14, 2010, by AmberWood and LunaLovegood.

Thalia's weapon of choice is a bow & arrow.

Thalia's pet is a butterfly, named Flutter. Flutter was given to Thalia by her amazing mother, Amber.

Thalia Grace, as stated in the Percy Jackson series is a daughter of Zues. As a demigod, she has the powers of her godly parents. She can make lightning appear on will, and she also carries a bracelet in which can be turned into a shield encrusted with the face of Medusa.

Thalia ran away from her mortal mother when she was very young. Her mortal mother was a has-been actress, who turned to alcoholism after her last movie. The alcohol sadly turned Ms. Grace abusive. When Thalia ran away, she was only 7. Thalia had to fend for herself until she was discovered by a satyr when she was wondering around D.C. a year later.
The satyr took Thalia to Camp Half-Blood, where she was loved for the first time in awhile, and met many friends. When she had spent her first week at camp, she discovered she was the daughter of Zues. Other campers began to annoy her after her siring, as they were scared of any child of the big three. After a month, the campers began talking to her again.
Thalia stayed at Camp Half-Blood year round for three years. During the end of August, when the other campers were packing their things, Thalia got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. She as well as the camp directors were very surprised. After some research, they found that Ms. Grace was actually a pure-breed witch.
Thalia then went to Hogwarts after the end of camp. She didn't know anyone, and was very shy. In the middle of her first year, Thalia met a very nice witch, Amber Wood. Thalia became attached to Amber and then was adopted by Amber and her wife, Luna. During the summer, Thalia returns to complete her half-blood training.

((This version of Thalia never became a huntress.))