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2a832ea541fc1bd is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Thats Right Im Asian!!!

Parents: auroraphoenix and PennyJennings


Uncles and Aunts:

Aneverendingcycle (Twinee), GemPhoenix, Nikai and psikomonkie

Nephews and Nieces/ Great+ Nephews and Nieces:
Juna, StarPhoenix, Kaz, DelacourFleur, kawaiiichibi, adorablechibi, Jmaxx, Tawney, Razor, Imani, ThumperBunny, AryaAmnell and Dayton

ZanaBitterclaws (aka Bitty)

Just For Besties:
Hikkup (aka Hikago), VeeVee (aka VictoriaPrince), Doree (aka Isadora Hope). Embee (aka EmberWizardly), Puffle (aka PygmyPuff), Kit (aka Kitasha), Teni (aka Tensai), Indee (aka IndyJones), and Virgee (aka VirgilRevenant) **Any others just ask and Ill add you!**

Leto's Poem About Me

Aleenia she is called, she has almond eyes
Her heart is on the earth, her head is in the skies
She is fun, she is happy, she is caring and sweet
But alas she is lonely, wanting someone to meet
For she has love to give, far and wide
Her love grows tired not wanting to hide
But one day soon. her match she shall find
Handsome he'll be. intelligent and kind...

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