How much do I love Harry Potter?

I got into Harry Potter when the third book was already out. I would read the books during class. I was so adamant and unabashed about reading the books in class my math teacher would ask me how I was liking them (presumably to embarrass me and get me to focus on her lesson) and I would answer truthfully that they were awesome!

When the fourth book came out I was at a summer camp with a bunch of girls I liked. I ignored them and finished reading the fourth book. Seriously, I ignored girls for Harry Potter!

When the fifth book came out a really close childhood friend of mine who I hadn't seen in two years was visiting me. I read the book in front of him the whole first day he was visiting and then finished up on the second day when he was leaving. I haven't seen him since.

When the sixth book came out I had just started college and had tons of homework. Instead of doing my homework I picked up the book and read it nonstop until I was finished without even eating the whole day. To top it off my dad and little brother who lived more than one thousand miles away were visiting me at college and I ignored them along with my homework. I almost failed two classes because the projects that were due were supposed to be built upon as the quarter progressed.

When the seventh book came out I couldn't wait for my copy to arrive so I read the poorly photographed pages online before Amazon even shipped out my book. I had really bad eyestrain afterwards!

Without Harry Potter I'd have never gotten into fantasy. While I waited for each book to come out I would read loads of other magnificent fantasy books and I have Jo Rowling and her boy wizard to thank for that! I tried reading Lord of the Rings and Narnia when I was younger but didn't like them. After reading Harry Potter I grew to appreciate and even love them.

When I wasn't reading I was working on my Harry Potter websites. I would skip lunch at school to go to the library and use the computers to work on US Harry Potter (now the Harry Potter Friendship Network) and Hogwarts Live. I even skipped tons of parties and ignored many invitations from friends (some were rather attractive) just to work on improving these websites. I spent all four days of my fall break one time fixing all the textual errors on HL. And who even knows how much time I spent promoting HL on forums, chatrooms, search engines, directories, blogs, topsites, social networks, etc.

For the first whole year I ran HL I paid for all costs of operation until in the fall of 2005 after trying a myriad of advertisers and adding loads of stuff to the Prefect's Lounge I was finally able to cover monthly upkeep. Which, is a really good thing cause I had just moved out on my own to start college. This meant a bunch of new and very major living expenses and at the time HL's $80 a month hosting was a lot to someone who only worked part-time. So, thanks to your love of Harry Potter and many generous donations over the years HL will still have many magical times ahead of it.

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41a66272e1cc20f • Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 1:26am • #1

i luv harry potter!

queenbunny • Thursday, December 24, 2009 - 9:34pm • #2

I started reading the HP series when I was in the...3rd grade I think!! I would be reading the books in class and I actually got in trouble quite a few times because I would be reading and not paying any attention to the teacher!!! When I got finished reading the first book I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second book!!! I WAS HOOKED! I have probably read the series like a thousand times already, I have everything Harry Potter, I especially like Ron he's my fav.!!! :) Favorite book would have to be either Chamber of Secrets or Half-Blood Prince, I can't choose!!
Who cares bout Edward, I care bout Ron!!!!!!!
and maybe Jacob a little! not as much as Ron though!

Unknown Author • Saturday, December 26, 2009 - 3:41am • #3

If I could make a wish that I new would come true it would definitly be that HP was real. Reading it makes you feel as though you're in their world. If anyone knows any other books by JR, please either message me or post a comment about it as I might try it out. HP is my absolute FAVOURITE book in the whole wide world and HL is my favourite site. (Eragon, Narnia, Lord of the Rings and The Golden Compass are all second-favourites) Sometimes I daydream about what it would be like to actually go to Hogwarts. I wish JK would write more about some characters, though. I wish I could find out more about James and Lily. Some of her books are rather sad. (That refers to book 5, book 6 and the begining of book 1. Oh, and *maybe* book 7.) As for how much I love HP books, I sometimes would stay up all night reading them and when I finished them, I started to reread them. I even started a mini HP fan club but they soon got fed up with it because they prefer math. (I'm sorry this comentery was so long, it's OK if you don't have time to read it all.)

Supreme Goddess JollyWeasley • Tuesday, December 29, 2009 - 9:42am • #4

@The Elf,

Queens English, yay! I'd die from the Californian talk too XD

Seems like this story should be a part of the FAQ:

How much does the creator of this site like Harry Potter?

Answer *You know what to insert here*

I wouldn't mind a prequel, honestly I'd rather that than a sequel. I'd love to read more about the marauders' time at Hogwarts and seeing that James and Lily thrice defied Voldy, it'd be interesting to see what sort of plotting would happen to encompass the multitude of finely strewn details of them in the books. That's it :D

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