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Need some points?

Have some Bertie Botts beans just sitting in your pocket? Use them to win some points, both for your house and for you. A Raffle is going on right now, the prize? 500 points for your house, and 5,000 donator points for you, that's a good prize, so trade in your beans and win some points! 5...

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PvP, Alignment and the House Cup- What You Need to Know *UPDATED*

PvP and its affect on the House Cup AND Alignment has been changed. It now costs your House AND other Houses points. Here are the highlights:


- If you kill ANY person in PvP, you GAIN 3 points.
- If the person you kill is in another House, you gain 2 EXTRA...

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Harry Potter Prequel now online!

It's here, the 800 word prequel to Harry Potter is now online.

The original sold today for 25,000 pounds, just under $50,000 US.

But now you can read the original at:

Click on "Read our authors stories" and then on "JK Rowling" and you...

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This is just a quick reminder to everyone: When a staff member is handling a situation in chat where players are breaking rules, DO NOT interfere and make comments, it only makes things worse. If a staff member tells you to drop it, drop it. Do not try to get in the last word, if you do...

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Point Removal Regulations

Now if you see a staff remove more or give more then what is listed here either Owl Edmund, Myself, Bellatrix, LilyAnnKnight, or SpinalRemains, or feel free to petition it. Now when you owl or petition it you need to include in the chat where they removed or given points from the person and that...

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Rules and Points

As of today, Staff are allowed to dock points with no warningfor breaking the rules. If you break the rules, prepare to lose points for your House. This is not generally done. But this is how it was done in the books. Now bear in mind that it is the punishing staffers judgment on how many points...

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Edmund has explained how he would like the House Prefects to work. At the moment, being a Prefect is just a title, but the whole system is still a work in progress. Edmund does have some ideas about some special privileges for these players but has not yet completed the coding for them, so...

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