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The fine line between RP and Bullying..

It appears we have a problem in the HL world with older players bullying others, and then thinking it is roleplay.


Roleplay is fine, by all means RP. But do not terrorize other players for asking questions, or making little mistakes. This is cruel, rude and...

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Fiction Critique - Earn Donator and House Points

Sorry, if some of you find this MoTD inappropriate but I was told it shouldn't be. So, let me ask if anyone is interested in earning donator points to write a critique paper on a short fiction piece? I need a minimum of 500 words critique on a 2,300 word short story (aprox. 15 minutes to...

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Site Rules

I have taken the time to update the complete list of Site Rules on our Wiki page. THIS IS WHAT STAFFERS USE. It will eventually become a clickable on the nav bar, but in the mean time, please use this link to READ them. Even if you are a older player and think you already know the...

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House Cup System- amp;New Info

Yay for Edmund and his hard work on our newest module! And not just a simple little forest event or new shop...but basically a whole new system here on HL. The House Cup system!!! As huge as this module is, it is still not quite done and we have even more to look forward to so be sure to...

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