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Gem Vaults/Friend Lists

As Edmund explained in his last MotD, the user_preferences tables are the reason for the site slowness/crashes. He has decided to reset these more frequently to help prevent this from happening.

As Gringott's gem vaults and friend lists are part of the user preferences, it has also been...

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Partial Data Reset and Last Call

Before we get a bunch of petitions complaining, we have partially reset the module_userprefs table again, this time on purpose and with some exceptions.

Your alignment, fairydragons, horcruxes, phoenixes, and bertie botts beans should be intact, other settings that use the module_userprefs table...

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Voice your Opinion and be Heard!

Tomorrow the Wizards.FM panel will sit down and record a discussion about Deathly Hallows, what we liked, what we didn't like, what we are still confused about, a general conversation about Deathly Hallows and we want your help!

Email your opinions and reviews of Deathly Hallows to...

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People spend loads of time on HL

You guys must really spend a lot of time on HL, at least that's what the statistics show. I hope you're doing that cause you really love the site and not just because you have nothing better to do! Not that there is anything wrong with being perpetually bored out of your mind (as I always...

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