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Raffles and Movies

Just a reminder, there is just an hour and a half left in the "Custom Title" raffle, and less then a week left for the Order of the Phoenix Movie Ticket raffle, so trade in your bertie botts beans for raffle tickets now if you want these items.

Also, yesterday three of four Wizards.FM...

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Clarification on Content and use of words

Just to clarify what IS and what is NOT allowed as far as content... NO sexual comments and NO innuendo. NONE. Doing either will get you a warning and depending on severity, a mute. No private body part naming. No kicking, pinching, hitting, licking, poking, tapping, touching, or ANY other verb...

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New Raffles!!

See OotP on us!!
10 beans a ticket, see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on us! One winner of this raffle will win $15 in Fandango Bucks (please only enter this raffle if $15 in Fandango Bucks would be in any way useful to you, we recommend going to and seeing if you are...

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Sharing Passwords

In light of recent events, we would like to remind people that the sharing of passwords and/or accounts is NOT allowed. We will not tolerate any situations in which someone complains of their friend taking gold from their account, their friend spamming while on their account or their friend doing...

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The Server Crash

Despite the fears of several staff members, I have been able to positively verify that only one account was lost in tonight's server crash. I have recovered the said account from last night's automated backup without rolling back anyone else. We thank you for your patience during this...

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On Vacation

I will be in the Philippines from June 17 - July 8. I will most likely be very difficult to reach during this time period, meaning any issues I usually handle will either be taken care of by someone else or put on hold until my return.

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Theme Park

Look what God Of Earth Jamoki found!

from the Leaky Cauldron -

There is an exciting turn of events tonight as Universal Studios and the people behind Harry Potter announced that there will in fact be a...

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Site Rules

Here is a reminder (again) of the site rules so no one has any excuse to not follow them. This is the version used by all Staff so please do not question if it is not in another part of the site. And please be sure to read through them even if you think you already know what they are; something...

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All old, unowned dwellings have been purged from the system. This means that new construction in all villages can begin again. But please keep in mind that it's not for those who already have multiple dwellings to rush out and buy more but to give those who don't have a dwelling the...

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Personal Information

Your contact information is private. Posting your email, phone number, address a public chat is not only against the rules of the site but puts you at risk. If you wish to share this information with others on the site, please use Owls to do so.

Be aware that this information should...

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