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Staff List

NamePronouns Description Online
!Headmaster Danilo He/Him Founder/Owner/Headmaster/Head Of Gryffindor No
!Alchemist Edmund He/Him Head Sys Admin/Head of Ravenclaw No
!My My, Hey Hey WitchyWoman She/Her Headmistress/Head Administrator/Head of Hufflepuff No
!MostDefinitelyNot SpinalRemains She/Her Deputy Headmistress/Lt. Head Administrator/Head of Slytherin No
!Ganesha He/Him Administrator No
!Undesirable No. Juan He/Him Administrator No
@House Elf Kilian He/Him Jr. Administrator No
&Faerie Princess She/Her Moderator No
&Unknown Rose She/Her Moderator No
&we dont talk about Hera She/Her Moderator No
&Angry Beaver Abraxas He/Him Moderator No
&Cuddly Pandabear She/Her Moderator No
& Fire&Ice He/Him Moderator No
Headmistress Inee She/Her Honorary No
DeputyHeadmaster Errol He/Him Honorary No
Bellatrix She/Her Honorary No
Dementor AuroraBorealis She/Her Honorary No
Lady Of Fantasy SerenityRose She/Her Honorary No
GirlonFire LilyAnnKnight He/Him Honorary No

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