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Filter Evasion Clarification

Using slang terms and words that are harmless in their REAL meaning to get around filtered words IS filter evasion. If you do this you will be warned. We're not going to filter ever single slang term/harmless word you try to make inappropriate in meaning. So if you use it after the first...

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Fixed Case Sensitivity Issue

Some have you may have noticed that on certain parts of the site when you try to search for someone by their character name the search feature is case sensitive.

You can now search without worrying about case sensitivity. =)

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Prolonged Downtime

I apologize for the prolonged downtime that occurred earlier today/yesterday. For the past three weeks I've been working on a number of things that should both speed up the site and increase stability. This will, hopefully, mean database crashes will occur less often. It will also mean that in...

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Owls Not Working

Everyone's owls have disappeared and no new ones are going through. The Owl Post is still there, it's just not working correctly at the moment.

Thank you to those who have petitioned about this. I have left a message for Danilo so hopefully he can get them up and running again soon....

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Hogwarts Live Webcomic Contest Winners

1st Place Webcomic: The Eyebrow Waggle by Veranda

Prize: 2,000 donator points

2nd Place Webcomic: Untitled by FleurDelacourWeasley

Prize: 1,500 donator points

3rd Place Webcomic: Wacky! Witchy! Webcomics! by MasterofDisaster

Prize: 1,000 donator points

Because there were so...

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