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Earn Donator Point Without Donating!

Interested in earning donator points without donating?

I have a list of actions you can complete for donator points.

Each action is really simple and only requires a short amount of time.

All actions are free and most are as easy as filling out and submitting a short form.

If you are interested...

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Update from AislingBlack

Dear HLer's from AislingBlack:
My family and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone that showed their love and concern for my beautiful niece, Mikyla. If some of you don't remember or know the situation, Mikyla is 5 months old now but when she was 4 months old, we...

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Another NEW HP Trailer!

Here's a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince due out later this year!

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Award/Penalize House Points and PvP

Unless you are Staff or a Prefect DO NOT use these options in bios. And the same warning that was in the previous MoTD that apparently was ignored, you WILL get a 3 day ban for it. This will be fixed just give it time.

ADDED: PvP is not broken. This is how the original code is designed-...

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