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Server Rollback and Safe Return from the Middle East

Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that I had a wonderful trip, and that I'm now back safe and sound at my parents house in New Mexico. Today, I have finished setting up of all our Network Sites and channels. Unfortunately, because of this you may have experience a slight...

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New Server Online

Greetings one and all, welcome to the new HogwartsLive server, this server has significantly more power but it is also running a different configuration, please be patient with any oddities you are experiencing today, I am working as best as I can to get the server fully operational and faster then...

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Server Outage Over and Announcement

First of all, I've just fixed the site as it seems that it was down for several hours today. I will be getting the new faster server operational this week, it should drastically reduce the liklihood of this happening again in the future.

In other, happier news, I wanted to take this...

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Vacation Time & Sincere Thanks!

I will be offline from Saturday, June 17th till Tuesday, June 29th due to longstanding plans to visit Haifa, Israel. Also, I will have limited access to the Internet from then till June 6th or 7th. This means I most presumably will not be able to answer your owls for that time period. Thank you...

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10 VE Gym Cap and HP Reset

We will be resetting everyone's Hit Points next week, you will receive gems in exchange for them. Also, Edmund has implemented a cap on gym use after 10 Voldemort Encounters. This is in an effort to make the game more fair and overall more enjoyable. Thanks for understanding.

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