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Hogwarts Live Encyclopedia (Wiki)

I have received concerns about the F.A.Q. being out-dated. I must say changes are constantly being made to the game and it is difficult to document everything that occurs. So in an effort to lighten the work load of the staff, I have made available a Wiki page and category over at:...

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There is some volunteer work available over at the Harry Potter channel of (formerly, please let me know if any of you are interested in any of the jobs listed on the site below:

These are not Hogwarts Live staff positions,...

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Congratulations to the new staffers!

Here are your new staffers, please treat them with respect, as I'm sure they will treat you.

1 Andy
2 AurorJen
3 Christianna
4 Doxy
5 EragonShadeslayer
6 Fimblebottom
7 Ginny
8 hbprince
9 Rei
10 SerenityRose
11 ShadowMasterX
12 Witchywoman

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Stop sending in petitions about the April Fools Joke!

Please stop sending owls or petitions about the "bork' text, it is an April Fools joke, just go to your "Preferences" settings and disable Holiday Texts. You don't have a virus. =P

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